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5 star ratingMy dog Rita just finished with Brett and we have seen an enormous improvement from the days she ran a muck. Brett taught her to be a well mannered dog but more importantly taught us the necessary skills in becoming... Read More
John S. Avatar
John S.
5 star ratingBrett gives guidance on how to properly train your dog, but it's up to you as a pet parent to continue the training. He's great! If you're on top of it, you'll see results!
Mar I. Avatar
Mar I.
5 star ratingBrett has really helped us get our 2 rescue dogs trained. He is very intuitive to the dogs issues and quickly addresses ways to solve for them. We have made great progress in only... Read More
David M. Avatar
David M.
5 star ratingBrett has been amazing for us and our Malinois/GSD mix. We had used 4 different trainers prior all teaching us some variation of positive reinforcement/ treat-based training which DID NOT work for our dog. He became over stimulated and aggressive.... Read More
Brandon J. Avatar
Brandon J.
5 star ratingBrett brings a very efficient, yet intuitive method to the table. He combines listening to what the dog is trying to communicate with what we, as guardians, are subconsciously projecting. He has great energy around the pups and helps you... Read More
Luis S. Avatar
Luis S.
5 star ratingSo glad to have found this dog whisperer...he helped train my dogs Kaedou and Kayden who were a bit of a challenge when it came to other dogs...Kaedou my male dog showed dominance and was very territorial and protective of... Read More
Cheryl L. Avatar
Cheryl L.
5 star ratingBrett is fantastic - my dog improved greatly after one-on-one training and now we attend his monthly group class where my dog gets to socialize and continue practicing his learned behavioral skills.
Chris R. Avatar
Chris R.
A week ago, Brett came out to help us with our 12-year-old maltese who has aggressive issues with being handled and grooming. Brett has a down-to-earth approach and gave us simple techniques to use with him. In this short time,... Read More
Jessie Miller Avatar
Jessie Miller
5 star ratingBrett has done an amazing job with my chihuahua Julio!! I would recommend him to anyone I know that needs training for their dog. Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!
Tyler C. Avatar
Tyler C.

A Note to Alaskans: Brett has moved to The Last Frontier where he can better serve Alaska residents full time. While catering to Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites was a fantastic opportunity, his 30+ years experience with challenging dog behaviors is now available to residents from Anchorage to Talkeetna. There’s no place like home… in ALASKA!

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