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Our approach to basic dog obedience training uses a foundation-based approach that will teach you how to understand your dog by using balanced dog training methods. Having extensive experience working with dogs of every breed, age, and issue, The Dog Savant has developed an integrative training style that will teach you how to apply training techniques to have your dog listen to you in any real world situation.

Take command of your dog and encourage better dog obedience when outdoors in Alaska.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Includes

All basic training commands (Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come)
Manners and practical training commands (Off, Drop it, Leave it, Wait, etc.)
All problem behaviors addressed and solved (Jumping, Barking, Pulling on leash)
Housebreaking, biting, social issues, phobias, separation anxiety, anti-social, all types of aggression, etc.)
Health, nutritional, and activity counseling (diet, exercise programs, canine weight loss programs, activity counseling and treadmill training)
Emphasis is placed on developing life skills so you may rely on your dog’s ability to listen in all environments and situations.
You and your dog will learn the following commands, and more:



Drop It / Leave It

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