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In-person, Anchorage Alaska Dog Trainer Brett Endes

Brett Endes is a professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant serving the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley area. In addition to his specialization in puppy training and real-world basic obedience, The Dog Savant can help solve dog behavior problems such as canine aggression, separation anxiety, leash-pulling, phobias, or other hard-to-correct issues. Brett, who also hosts The Untrainables TV series and The Dog Savant Podcast, earned his comparative psychology degree from the State University of New York and graduated from The Academy of K-9 Education. He has worked professionally with over 20,000 dogs and their owners in Alaska, California, and worldwide. He’s also been featured in a wide range of media, including regular appearances on National Geographic and Hallmark Channels, for his unique and effective approach to dog training. Whether you have a difficult rescue dog or have hired other trainers and behaviorists that labeled your dog “untrainable,” Brett can help. He’ll utilize his 30+ years of training experience and take a thorough and holistic approach with proven, balanced dog training methods to help achieve permanent remediation for your dog’s problems and real-world obedience training needs.

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