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Many trainers treat dog behavior problems as an isolated issue, but unfortunately this doesn’t address the root cause, and limits the ability to foster long term results. In 30+ years of professional experience with over 20,000 dogs, The Dog Savant has developed a fully comprehensive, integrative approach to rehabilitating dogs with behavioral problems using effective, balanced dog training methods. Whether you have a difficult dog who has become unmanageable, a rescue dog, or an unruly puppy, we can help you with any problem behavior you and your pet may be experiencing. Our methods of training address the root cause of a dog’s problems as well as the overall human-dog relationship to establish balance and harmony in the special instinctive bond our two species share.

Stop dog aggression with tailored dog training in Anchorage, Wasilla and Palmer with The Dog Savant

Common Dog Problem Behaviors

Aggression / Reactivity
Separation anxiety
Leash pulling

Chewing / Digging

Potty training
Puppy issues
Rescue dog training

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Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is a serious issue for many dog owners. We all want our dogs to be happy and social, but what happens when our dog reacts to other dogs and/or humans aggressively? Many people (and unfortunately many pet experts) conclude that the dog is “broken” or a “lost cause.” Aggression is a very misunderstood behavior problem that results in far too many dogs being re-homed, placed in shelters, and euthanized because no one knew how to help them.

There’s hope if your dog is experiencing aggression or reactivity in the Anchorage, Wasilla or Willow area. Professional dog trainer Brett Endes can help you teach your dog how to work through these issues by teaching them how to make calmer choices through his extensive experience working with these types of cases. Brett’s proven training system will help your dog learn how to focus and trust your leadership to help create new associations that facilitate the rehabilitative process to help even previously aggressive/reactive dogs become social, balanced, and happy dogs.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is a complicated problem and can be downright stressful for dogs and owners. Often the only solutions that many dog trainers, vets, and behavior specialists turn to are pharmaceuticals, ineffective training that doesn’t address the root cause, or management of the problem without long term resolution. However, while pharmaceuticals can be helpful in extreme cases to complement a training protocol, Brett has developed a more holistic approach to successfully treat separation anxiety in dogs. Using a combination of positive reinforcement and balanced training methods, the Dog Savant will teach you training techniques developed to address the root cause to achieve long-term results.

Leash Pulling/Lunging

Dog training for dog problem behaviors in Alaska

If your dog is pulling, lunging, or having overall issues while walking on their leash? Are they lunging at people and pulling toward Alaska’s wild animals?

We’re able to help. Leash pulling is inconvenient and sometimes downright dangerous, but with a few changes in the training tools used and by teaching your dog how to focus instead of over-anticipating their walks, immediate resolution to leash-pulling and walking-related issues can be experienced!

Rescue Dog Training/Rehabilitation

Most rescue dogs have great potential, and despite prior history/behavioral issues, they can learn to adjust and become balanced, loyal members of any family. However, because of a checkered past at times, it can be hard for a rescue pet to integrate into their new home and trust their now well-provided for surroundings. The reality is that sometimes rescue dogs need more than just love and treats to help them overcome the deep-rooted, negative associations they made towards everyday life and social interactions. Oftentimes, they need to be built up to become the confident and balanced pets they have the potential to be. Brett has developed successful strategies to teach you how to train your rescue dog to make better decisions and help your dog adjust to their new life despite their past experiences.

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